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Tee Times

Please remember that the tee times are posted as of the date shown. If there is an empty tee time, do not assume that it is available. For official confirmation, please call the Golf Shop at 434-985-7328 (ext. 23).

Posted as of Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Tee Time Requests

Fill out the form below to request your tee time. Please select your preferred time as well as an alternate time. We will try to schedule you within 60 minutes of either of those times.

Members may use the form below to request tee times for both Weekdays and Weekends. Requests for Weekend tee times must be received by 5:00 pm on Tuesdays. We will notify you by e-mail or phone if there is a problem scheduling your request for Weekday times. Weekend times are posted Wednesday afternoon using the above links or you may call the Pro Shop. Members are reminded to always request tee times -- for weekday play as well as weekends.

For Non-members, requests may currently be made for Weekday tee times at least 48 hours in advance and Weekends after 1:00 pm on Thursdays. For the weekend, tee times will be after 1:00 pm. We will notify you by e-mail or phone to confirm your request or notify you that there is a problem granting your request.


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